BEHL Out to Control the Darkness In HOUSE GIRLS #5 Preview

"House Girls #5" preview

Sandra Lanz's creator-owned series continues at Stela. Check out a preview of Tuesday's House Girls Chapter 5.

House Girls Chapter 5
Sandra Lanz (W/A)
Matthew Seely (Inker)
Aubrey Aiese (Letters)
Available June 14 on the Stela App
Behl, a geophysical engineer living in a struggling, isolated colony on the surface of a harsh and unforgiving planet, becomes captivated by an encounter with an enigmatic sentient substance which appears to be in turn, fascinated with her. Enlisting the help of fellow curious, young scientists, she and the other House Girls embark on a journey to uncover the nature of this mysterious creature and its connection to the destruction of a nearby outpost.

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