Report: BRIAN BENDIS-MARVEL Series In Works at CINEMAX - Updated

"Scarlet" cover by Alex Maleev
Credit: Alex Maleev (Marvel Comics)
Credit: David Lafuente (Marvel Comics / Icon)

Updated June 10, 2016: Deadine now reports that a Scarlet series is indeed in the works, however it is in development at Cinemax, HBO's sister station.

Original Story: Move over Jessica Jones, you now have a premium cable competitor.

HBO is developing a live-action television series based on Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev's creator-owned series Scarlet, according to Deadline. Announced by Bendis at an appearance Friday at Austin's ATX Television Festival, saying "I do a book called Scarlet which is soon to be announced, also in our universe of television. Not announced yet but HBO."

Launched in 2010, the Scarlet comic book title is a irreverent story about a young woman who stages a revolt against what she calls a modern corrupt society, and becomes the figurehead for a larger movement of revolutionaries.

This would be the third television series based on Bendis' work following Netflix's Jessica Jones and Sony PlayStation Network's Powers, which recently launched its second season.

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