'Doctor Strange' banner in San Diego
'Doctor Strange' banner in San Diego
Credit: Scott Derrickson

There has been some question over how much presence various comic book movie studios will have at Comic-Con International: San Diego, but if Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson is to be believed, his film will at least conjure itself for the venerable convention. Derrickson posted a photo on Twitter showing a Doctor Strange banner on display in San Diego, calling it a "hint" as to whether he would be present.

While this is hardly a confirmation as to whether Marvel will present anything Doctor Strange-related in Hall H or anywhere else, it seems Derrickson may be there himself to promote the November 4 film. Given the film's winter release, Comic-Con International: San Diego could provide Marvel a rare opportunity to promote an upcoming film in the heart of its marketing cycle (4 months before it's release), rather than promoting films coming in the following year.

The last (and only previous) time Marvel released a film late in the year was Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013. For that, Marvel Studios orchestrated an in-character appearance by Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Hall H, along with a new trailer for the sequel, as well as information on other upcoming movies.

Comic-Con International: San Diego takes place July 21 through 24 this year, and Doctor Strange is scheduled for release November 4.

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