A New Green Goliath Created by Late HULK Artist HERB TRIMPE

Eco Warrior by Herb Trimpe
Credit: Herb Trimpe (Eco Comics)
Credit: Herb Trimpe (Eco Comics)

Veteran Incredible Hulk artist Herb Trimpe passed away just over a year ago, but now it's been revealed that he had been working on a new green goliath - for another publisher.

The UK-based Eco Comics has revealed the art for Eco Warrior, an hulking hero with green skin and armor that Trimpe created with writer Chris Bunting as a mascot for the company.

"We needed a big strong hero to represent Eco Comics, and of course, like our approach, he had to be green. We considered several superstar artists of the comic industry before it dawned on us the perfect and obvious choice had to be Herb Trimpe," said an unnamed company spokesperson.

The publisher specifies that similiarities between Eco Warrior and Marvel's Hulk are "only skin deep," however.

Credit: Herb Trimpe (Eco Comics)

"Eco Warrior is a face for our environment. The fact that he also utilizes technology shows that he is a real contradiction. But added with a touch of Viking warrior, a glove for pounding, and boots for stomping, you can bet he's not here to give sermons. He is driven to protect the Earth's endangered environment and ecosystem, bringing him into conflict with corporations and vested interests who hold the resources to allow them to battle him head on."

Bunting, who worked closely with Trimpe to develop the Eco Warrior concept, said that the iconic artist was enthusiastic to work on the project.

"It was a blast working with Herb Trimpe, a legend in the comic book world. Herb's enthusiasm was evident right toward the end of his illustrious career. It's just a shame he's not here to witness this, as I've no doubt that he'd be thoroughly enjoying it."

Eco Comics states that Trimpe completed several other original pieces of artwork relating to the character, which will be published in an upcoming one-shot titled Herb Trimpe's Eco Warrior.

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