WOLVERINE’s WEAPON XI: ‘It Wasn’t My Idea,' Looks for Redemption in ‘Different’ DOCTOR STRANGE

Still from "Doctor Strange"
Credit: Marvel Studios
Scott Adkins in 'Boyka: Undisputed IV'
Scott Adkins in 'Boyka: Undisputed IV'
Credit: Millennium Films

The plot of Doctor Strange is largely a mystery, but it's already known that the film will explore the concept of magic and alternate realities in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It may also be considered Marvel Studios' first "horror movie."

Scott Adkins, who plays an as yet unnamed role in the film, says that director Scott Derrickson is summoning his horror movie pedigree to create a "different version of a Marvel Comic."

“This is going to show that other dimension side,” Adkins told The Huffington Post. “I’m sure [director] Scott Derrickson’s going to bring some of his horror element into it as well.”

“What’s great about Marvel is they don’t just make superhero movies. They make a different genre out of a different superhero film," Adkins continued. "Whether it’s a thriller, a straight-up action movie or political thriller, they’re likely to choose a different genre for different heroes, and we’re gonna see some psychedelic stuff in this one. Very exciting.”

Doctor Strange isn't Adkins's first foray into comic book movies. He was previously in contention for a role that was cut from another Marvel film, and was a stunt double for Ryan Reynolds's ill-fated Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine - a fact he still laments. 

“I was part of the problem. I was part of the abomination of that character,” Adkins joked. “I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you and all your readers that it wasn’t my idea. I was doing what I was told by 20th Century Fox.”

Doctor Strange is scheduled to open in theater November 4.

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