Report: VICKI VALE Coming to FOX's GOTHAM

Panel from "Batman"
Credit: Jim Lee (DC Comics)
Credit: Fox

Fox's Gotham series is looking to cast someone to play Vicki Vale, according to TVLine. The online Hollywood trade had previously reported that the live-action Batman prequel was casting "an ambitious young journalist" in her late 20s named Valeria, but they now say that name was 'casting-call code' and that it is in fact Vicki Vale.

Created by Batman creators Bill Finger and Bob Kane in 1948's Batman #49, Vicki Vale was introduced as a prodigious reporter for the Gotham Gazette, investigating activities and identity of the Dark Knight. Writers soon introduced a romantic tension between Vale and both Batman and Bruce Wayne, and was popularized with her portrayal by Kim Basinger in 1989's live-action Batman and later appeared as a primary character in Frank Miller and Jim Lee's unfinished All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder.

Fox's Gotham is scheduled to return this fall.

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