Enchanted Tiki Room
Credit: Disney Parks & Resorts
Credit: Brian Kesinger (Marvel Comics)

Marvel has announced a new title based on the Disney theme park attraction, the Enchanted Tiki Room. The five-issue Enchanted Tiki Room weaves a fictional back-story for the long-running attraction with an all-animal cast living on an isolated island inhabited by "ancient Tiki gods," and was first reported by Inside The Magic.

“Essentially what we have is sort of a Fantasy Island-like scenario, where each week, visitors are coming to the island. And for this series, everyone that’s coming there, whether or not they know it, they’re facing some sort of personal issues," said writer Jon Adams. "And through the series they learn and grow and eventually, if all goes well, then they resolve those issues and are better for it in the end."

Enchanted Tiki Room will be illustrated by Jon Adams and Horatio Domingues.

“I think it’s a really interesting thing," the writer added. "I think it ends up being that I need to balance a lot of pieces. It’s sort of a big puzzle with all of these pieces that come together. It’s an issue of figuring out how to fit them all together in a way that makes sense, and is natural, and still interesting.”

Scheduled to debut in September, Enchanted Tiki Room is Marvel Comics' fifth series based on a Disney Parks attraction, and is part of its "Disney Kingdoms" line.

“We definitely have a list of the attractions that we would love to explore, and the Enchanted Tiki Room has been on that list," said Disney Imagineer Andy DiGenova. "And with each of these books, we’re always just looking to mix it up and do something that feels different, kind of a whole new flavor to bring to the 'Disney Kingdoms' brand. And we had done a lot of adventure stories, we’d done Figment, but we’ve never done anything like this, where our main characters are animals. So [the Tiki Room] just brought a whole new style to 'Disney Kingdoms' that we thought would be really fun and we thought would set it apart from what we had already done.”

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