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Spoilers ahead for this week's The Flash: Rebirth #1.

Credit: DC Comics

For readers looking for more about the revelations from DC Universe: Rebirth #1, this week's The Flash: Rebirth is the closest to a sequel that DC has published yet.

The issue features a beat-by-beat replay of Wally West and Barry Allen's reunion scene from DC Universe: Rebirth #1, but then continues it, revealing that after the two speedsters parted ways in the present DCU, Barry teams up with Batman to investigate the mystery of who messed with the timeline.

Readers know that the some of previously out-of-continuity characters from Watchmen are likely behind the timeline manipulation — and that Dr. Manhattan is the probable central culprit — but Batman and the Flash are only aware of a few clues. Specifically, the clues discovered by Batman and Flash so far are:

Credit: DC Comics
  • Wally West tells Barry that the creation of the "New 52" and the changes to continuity (including the 10-year gap cited in DC Universe: Rebirth #1) are not Barry's fault, but were caused by "something else, someone else."
  • Wally also feels that the DCU heroes are "being watched."
  • The letter from Bruce Wayne's father, which is in the Batcave, serves as evidence of the timeline alteration during Flashpoint. Wally cites the letter to Barry, and the letter is seen in the Batcave as Batman and the Flash are talking.
  • Batman has discovered a smiley face button that was embedded into the wall of the Batcave. According to The Flash: Rebirth, when Wally appeared to Batman (a scene from DC Universe: Rebirth #1), his lightning embedded the button into the wall. Although Batman originally suspected a connection to the Joker, Batman and the Flash now believe the button is connected to the same timeline mystery that Wally was talking about.
  • Tests on the button have shown that the "blood on the button has traces of a radiation unlike anything we've seen."
  • Barry says this case feels "personal."

Batman and Flash consider telling the Justice League about the case, but they realize that there's nothing but inconclusive evidence, so they decide to just investigate it together.

Credit: DC Comics

The issue also offered some new information about Wally West's return to the DCU. Remember when Barry remembered Wally in DC Universe: Rebirth #1? According to The Flash: Rebirth issue, Barry had been experiencing visions of Wally and Zoom that day — visions that Barry says were the result of the Speed Force "trying to get [him] to remember."

Wally also reminds Barry of stuff the Speed Force can do — things Barry apparently forgot with the "New 52" — like its ability to manifest a new costume for Wally.

Credit: DC Comics

Speaking of Wally's new costume… the issue also reveals that — according to Barry, anyway — Wally's new mantle is simply the Flash. "You're not a Kid Flash anymore," Barry says, referring to the costume Wally was wearing when he appeared in the current timeline. "You're a Flash."

After Wally tells Barry all about the events of Flashpoint and the suspicions he has about someone watching them and messing with the timeline, Wally says he's going to "look up the Teen Titans" and "see what they know." That will lead nicely into Wally's ongoing appearance in the upcoming Titans series which kicks off with June 15's Titans: Rebirth #1 (as detailed in our recent interview with Titans writer Dan Abnett).

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