Report: VIXEN To Become DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Regular AND Gets Recast... Sort of

Megalyn Echikunowoke as Vixen
Credit: The CW
'DC's Legends Of Tomorrow' poster
'DC's Legends Of Tomorrow' poster
Credit: CW

Though DC's Legends of Tomorrow has lost a few cast members in the transition to its second season, at least one familiar hero will reportedly be boarding the Waverider when Vixen joins the show's regular cast - but there's a catch.

According to tvINSIDER, Megalyn Echikunwoke, who portrayed Vixen in her Arrow appearance and voices her online animated series, is unavailable to take the role full time due to film commitments. As such, the Vixen joining DC's Legends of Tomorrow will reportedly be a yet-cast previous wearer of the mantle who will join the team through the magic of time travel, allowing another actress to take the role without stepping over Echikunwoke's version of the character. Echikunwoke will still voice the character in her animated shorts.

Warner Bros. TV signaled they had larger plan for Vixen last month at the CW’s upfronts when Echikunwoke appeared alongside the stars of the other DC/Berlanti-verse shows. It appears WB-TV knew it wanted to expand Vixen’s role, but apparently couldn’t work out schedules to center their plans on Echikunwoke.

Interestingly, Vixen also briefly appeared in DC Comics' DC Universe: Rebirth #1 as well as in the splash page at the end of the issue, indicating DC Comics has plans for the character as well.

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