Report: WARNER BROS. Considering 'Management Changes' At DC COMICS

New DC Comics logo
Credit: DC Comics

The New York Post is reporting that DC Comics could be undergoing some "wider management changes" in the next six months from its parent company, Warner Bros. While the report names "DC Comics," it focuses on the movie management of DC Comics' films by Warner Bros.

The NYC daily newspaper doesn't cite any specific names or positions from these current unnamed sources, instead referring to what it frames as long-held speculation that it could include two on Warner Bros. Pictures' movie side handling films based on DC Comics: Grge Silverman, President of Creative Development & Worldwide Production, and Sue Kroll, President of Worldwide Marketing & Distribution.

Silverman was mentioned in last month's report of a DC Films shingle, as direct supervisor to John Berg. Berg, with Johns, were named as the heads of DC Films according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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