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Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel's Black Panther series was received with much acclaim in mainstream circles, but the series is currently dealing with delays to the book, as Black Panther #3 has been pushed two weeks from its original June 15 release date. Series writer Ta-Nehisi Coates has spoken on several occasions about completing his work on the book well before deadlines, but how posted an apology for the book's lateness.9

"Sorry Wakandans, Black Panther #3 has been delayed. Will hit stands June 29. It's a hard-knock life, for sure...," Coates tweeted. "Re: the Black Panther #3 delay, just want to say sorry to all you loyal Wakandans out there. We are really working hard on this one. I never knew how hard producing comics were until I saw it from the inside. I can't read books the same, anymore. My rage is a lot less."

Credit: Marvel Comics

"But that said, we want to be on time with you guys. And when we aren't, it isn't because we are trying to make you wait. It's because human beings have limits," the writer continued. "Anyway, hope you'll stick around. Seriously. it's big, long, epic tale. It WILL pay off. Guaranteed. Don't want to ruin that by rushing and effing up the quality of the book. Stick with us. We won't let you down. T'Challa ain't never lied."

Coates doesn't specify the cause for the delay, but the author stated on two occasions in April that he was already writing Black Panther #12. Back in December, CBR reported that artist Brian Stelfreeze had finished the first issue four months before its April release. Stelfreeze is scheduled to step away from the tile after #4 for an unspecified time, with Chris Sprouse coming in.

Black Panther #3 is currently scheduled for release June 29, with #4 solicited for July 20. Sprouse's Black Panther #5 is scheduled for August 10.

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