Marvel Teases Another CIVIL WAR II Death

"Who Will Fall" advertisement
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Spoilers ahead for Civil War II #1.

Marvel Comics have released a new Civil War II teaser asking "Who will fall?," seemingly referring to the death of another character in an upcoming issue.

We say "another" because War Machine was killed by Thanos in this week's Civil War II #1 in what Marvel has promised Newsarama is not a fake out , and She-Hulk died - for a few seconds anyway - when she flatlined as the issue's concluding cliffhanger.

Marvel has previously revealed a "major event" would take place in Civil War II #3, and Bendis has talked about another death happening around that time. Newsarama has previously run the odds on which characters could die, with War Machine and She-Hulk being two of our top three picks.

That third speculative death? The original Hulk, Bruce Banner.

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