Revealing DEADPOOL & GAMBIT (and a Third Man’s) 'Secret History of Scams and Flim-Flams'

"Deadpool v Gambit #5" cover
Credit: Kevin Wada (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Marvel Comics

Deadpool has been prone to some oddball team-ups in the past from Thor to Thanos and even Hellcow, but now the creators of Thrilling Adventure Hour are pairing him with someone who in some ways is oddly apt: Gambit.

Kicking off June 22, Deadpool v Gambit pulls the duo into an Ocean’s Eleven meets Odd Couple style pairing that unearths a second history between the two 1990s-era X-Men characters. Working with Gwenpool artist Danilo Beyruth, writers Ben Acker and Ben Blacker explore the idea that Remy LeBeau and Wade Wilson were once long-time partners in a series of con-jobs going back for years and need to work together again for the usual ‘one last job.’

Acker and Blacker spoke to Newsarama about the five-issue series, the revitalization of a near-forgotten X-Men villain named the Scrambler, and a mystery third man who has been party to Remy and Wade’s con jobs over the years.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Newsarama: Ben and Ben, what is Deadpool v Gambit about?

Ben Acker: We're telling a story of the duo as con artists. We cover cons they've pulled and one they're in the midst of and what an uneasy alliance comes from this sort of caper, as well as what chickens come to roost due to their history in the art of the con. 

Ben Blacker: It's about trust. It's about cons, heists, and superhero fights. It's also about digging deep on some characters who've never been dug too deeply.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: What made the pairing of these two most interesting to you?

Acker: I like the idea of these two historically morally flexible super heroes not acting particularly heroically. 

Blacker: Me too. It's also fun pairing a character like Deadpool who purposefully makes jokes and breaks the fourth wall and can be silly with a character like Gambit who is very self-serious. Which, in itself, can be laughable.

Nrama: Secret origins is part and parcel of heroes, particularly X-Men-related characters like these two. Can you tell us about this secret past these two share?

Credit: Marvel Comics

Acker: Gambit, Deadpool and a third man (who may be familiar to some readers) have a secret history of scams and flim-flams. 

Blacker: We barely scratch the surface on their shared secret history, but we do suggest there's a lot more to what we present in the mini. Hopefully, readers will like these characters together enough to ask Marvel for more!

Nrama: The solicitations say these two haven’t done work together in some time.  So why are they coming back for one last con job? And what are they after?

Credit: Marvel Comics

Acker: Blacker, would it be a spoiler to say? I mean, ostensibly, it's for lots and lots of money, right? That's not a spoiler. That's why cons happen. But are there other reasons and are they covered in the story we're telling? 

Blacker: All of what Acker just said is a spoiler. And, not to spoil too much, but Deadpool and Gambit fight each other in this mini. The "v" is for "versus."

Nrama: Speaking of secret pasts, will you delve into Gambit's once-secret past with the Marauders for 'Fall of the Mutants'?

Credit: Kevin Wada (Marvel Comics)

Acker: No. We're dealing with “Mutant Massacre”-era Marauders.

Blacker: Maybe someday! If the fans demand it!

Nrama: It may not be of that era, but the solicit for issues #3 and #4 mentions "The Scrambler," which was the name of a lesser known member of the Marauders. Coincidence?

Acker: No coincidence. Trust the solicits. We're taking a deeper dive into the Scrambler than anyone has ever dared to take! Our bravery knows no bounds. Perhaps we are the real heroes.

Nrama: Gambit recently appeared in Uncanny Avengers, sharing panels with Rogue. Will Rogue -- or any romance for that matter -- be in this series?

Acker: Well that all depends on your definition of romance.

Blacker: There's definitely some lovin' but very little romance. Unless a French accent is automatically romantic. Which, I guess it is? So, yes, there's some romance.

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