Did Researchers Just Discover HAWKMAN's NTH METAL?

Hawkman by Kyle Baker
Credit: Kyle Baker (DC Comics)
Credit: Dennis Neville (DC Comics)

Recent analysis of a dagger buried with Tutankhamun, the famous boy king of Egypt, has shown that its composition is consistent with that of iron recovered from meteors that have landed on Earth.

"The nickel and cobalt ratio in the dagger blade is consistent with that of iron meteorites that have preserved the primitive chondritic ratio during planetary differentiation in the early solar system," Daniela Comelli of Milan University’s physics department told Discover News (via Space).

While it's unlikely the dagger has any special properties that would lead to reincarnation (...right?), in some versions of DC's Hawkman's origin, Hawkman and Hawkwoman are the reincarnated spirits of ancient Egyptian lovers who were killed by a dagger made of Thanagarian Nth metal, which has the strange effect of causing their repeated reincarnations.

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