DORKIN, DYER & HUMISTON Summon The Great Old Ones With CALLA CTHULHU #2 Preview

Panel from 'Calla Cthulhu #2'

Calla Cthulhu is your average teenage girl - whose uncle happens to be the King in Yellow. She's dedicated to holding back the Great Old Ones in this preview of Calla Cthulhu #2, available digitally on June 9 through Stela.

Calla Cthulhu, Chapter 2
Evan Dorkin, Sarah Dyer (W)
Erin Humiston (A)
Mario Gonzalez (Inks)
Bill Mudron (Colors)
Nate Piekos (Letters)
Being a teenager isn't easy. Even more so when you're Calla, a girl who carries the bloodline of the Great Old Ones in her veins. Instead of normal teen activities, Calla spends her time battling supernatural threats like her Uncle, the King in Yellow. She must resist his call to embrace her own chaotic heritage as well as prevent him from awakening the terrible deity asleep and dreaming in the corpse city of R'lyeh—the Dread Dead One!

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