BATMAN: REBIRTH #1: Check Out DUKE's Possible New Rob... Uh, New Duds - SPOILERS

Batman: Rebirth Duke
Credit: DC Comics

Spoilers for Batman: Rebirth #1 and possible spoilers for Batman ongoing series. 

Writers Tom King and Scott Snyder kept telling readers they have a new role in mind for Duke Thomas - what they call "new elements in the mythology." But what one "new element" looks like may surprise you.

Credit: DC Comics

In this week’s Batman: Rebirth #1, Duke's training as Batman's new partner begins in earnest, but Batman isn't thinking of Duke as the new Robin, since his son Damian already occupies that role. 

"I’m not training you to be Robin. I'm trying ... something new," Batman tells Duke, then showing him what he has in mind. 

"...I'm listening," replies Duke. 

What do you think of the possible new costume?

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