ARROW Star Slams DC's Separation of TV & Movies

Willa Holland as Speedy for "Arrow"
Credit: The CW

Willa Holland, who plays Thea Queen/Speedy on CW's Arrow, has been vocal about the separation of DC's TV and movie universes, which reportedly cost Arrow a major villain. Now, she's speaking out against the policy further by comparing it to Marvel's shared universe, and criticizing the decision to have two different version of Barry Allen.

"Marvel does it in their own weird way - the mash between Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the movies and stuff,” Holland said at MCM Comic Con London (via The Daily Mirror). “So it's a little upsetting because you know it is possible and it can be done and how good it would be if it was done."

"It was annoying at first and then when Stephen found out there was going to be a Justice League movie it only seemed, rightly so, he would be playing Green Arrow on it as well as Grant playing the Flash. It just seemed like the right, normal answer,” she continued. “Once they said ‘no,’ you can't really fight against them for it, because they are the people that gave us a job in the first place. You just have to sit there on your hands, like okay, I get it!"

Grant Gustin plays Flash on CW's show, which just wrapped its second season, while Ezra Miller was cast as Barry Allen for 2018's Flash movie, and had a cameo as the character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Currently, there are no known plans to incorporate Green Arrow into DC's movie universe.

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