What Marvel Role MEL GIBSON Says Could Have Been His & What Marvel Films He Likes?

Mel Gibson
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Actior/director Mel Gibson is one of the few A-List Hollywood personalities who have never been attached to a superhero movie, but in an interview promoting his new film Blood Father the Australian star says that Marvel once offered him a role: Odin in 2011's Thor, which ultimately went to Anthony Hopkins

"Yeah, long time ago, to play Thor’s dad," Gibson answered The Guardian, when asked about superhero roles he's been offered. "But I didn’t do it."

Robert Downey Jr. has gone on record on several occasions dating back to August 2014 saying that Mel Gibson, a friend and co-star in the 1990 buddy film Air America, was his personal choice to direct a speculative Iron Man 4.

When asked for his thoughts on the burdgeoning superhero movie genre, Gibson compared it to genre booms of the past - some of which he was a part of.

"Some are good. Some are kind of funny ... Guardians of the Galaxy. Or the first Iron Man," said Gibson. "And some of them are just like retreats. I mean you can watch them do Spider-Man five times ... There is a slight shift in film. But, then again, I think all films are suffering from people not being able to now open them with their name. It’s a different kind of business these days."

What Gibson refers to was the trend of actors with highly-recognizable names such as himself, Tom Cruise, and Will Smith, being able to bolster many movie releases simply by being involved it. When asked if he misses "the way it was," the actor affirms.

"Yeah, in a way. I think you used to get more variety of stories, films and performances," said Gibson. "You had more of a chance of a profound film experience. But that’s not gone. I think that has been relegated to the independent world – but they have to do it twice as fast for half the money."

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