Yup, Marvel NOW! Is An ‘Earth-Shattering Status Quo Shift'

Marvel NOW!
Marvel NOW!
Credit: Marvel Comics

Hot on the heels of their latest Captain America shake-up, Marvel has announced Marvel NOW!, which it markets as a "shocking new status quo."

Scheduled to be revealed in July's advance solicitations for October-shipping books, Marvel NOW! (which revives the name of an earlier Marvel publishing intitiative) is framed by the New York-based publisher as the "cataclysmic fallout" in the aftermath of Civil War II.

Marvel NOW! is about the future of the Marvel Universe. We’re excited to provide fans with a snapshot of things to come right before San Diego Comic-Con," said Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, referring to the event to be held July 21 through 24. "Fans can look forward to hearing about brand new titles, returning favorites and even some shocking status quo shifts that are sure to keep fans guessing all the way through Civil War II. There has never been a better time to be a Marvel reader.”

The announcement of another presumed relaunch for Marvel's line begs the question - can a "shocking status quo" be considered very shocking when an ever-shifting dynamic becomes the status quo? Marvel has not been shy about shaking up its titles in recent years, with two line-wide "shocking new status quos" occuring in the past 12 calendar months with Secret Wars and "All-New All-Different Marvel."

Of course, Marvel announced this new Marvel NOW! initiative on the day its chief comic book rival, DC Comics, launched it's own line-wide renewal, Rebirth.

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