Game Franchise DISHONORED Comes To Comic Books

"Dishonored #1" cover
Credit: Titan Comics
Credit: Titan Comics

Bethesda Softworks' popular game franchise Dishonored is coming to comic books in an all new miniseries and prose novel series. Set between that game and November's sequel, Titan Comics' four-issue Dishonored comic book series continues to follow the bodyguard-turned-assassin Corvo Attano in a throwback industrial setting. The miniseries will be written by Gordon Rennie and illustrated by Andrea Olimpieri and Marcelo Maiolo.

"The city of Dunwall; whaling capital of Gristol and industrial hub of the Empire of the Isles. Twelve years have passed since Corvo Attano scuppered the Lord Regent’s duplicitous plot against the crown and cleared his name of the Empress Jessamine’s murder," reads Titan's description of the series.

Credit: Titan Comics

"Now a little older and perhaps a little wiser, Corvo sets his sights on the future and securing an apprentice to continue his legacy.  But when confronted by an impossible face from his past, the supernaturally-gifted assassin finds himself drawn once again into an otherworldly conspiracy, one that threatens to shake the very foundations of his ancient city."

Titan Comics' Dishonored is scheduled to debut in August, with the collected edition due in November.

In September, Titan's book division will launch the first in a trilogy of prose novels beginning with Dishonored - The Corroded Man by Adam Christopher.

The video game Dishonored 2 is scheduled to be released November 11.


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