Comic Book-Related Tweets Just Got Longer

Still from "Deadpool"
Credit: 20th Century Fox
Credit: Marvel Comics/Marko Djurdjevic

Social media giant Twitter announced Tuesday several changes including a new rule that images and videos will no longer count towards its 140-character restriction of users' tweets - meaning more room for comic book fans to talk about and tweet comic book images on Twitter. Additionly, tagging other users with the "@name" protocol will no longer be counted toward the character limit.

Said to be part of CEO/co-founder Jack Dorsey's plans to simplify the social network, this new rull will go into effect "over the next few months" according to The Hollywood Reporter. Currently, adding an image to a tweet counts as 24 characters against the 140-character maximum.

"[The changes are designed] to make the experience more intuitive and to make tweeting more expressive," daid Twitter's Chief Marketing Officer Leslie Berland. "One of our key goals is to continue to refine the core service, so absolutely we will see enhancements, but I can't tell you what's around the bend."

As part of these changes, the ".@name" workaround to make directed tweets be public will be rendered obsolete, as all "@name" tweets will now be included in the first party's Twitter feed.

In March, Twitter reported an active monthly user base of 310 million.

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