DC SUPER HERO GIRLS Expected To Earn $1 BILLION For Warner Bros.

"DC Super Hero Girls" artwork
Credit: Warner Bros.
Credit: DC Comics

What's DC Entertainment's biggest 2016 intiative? If you said Rebirth you may need to think again. According to DCU president Diane Nelson, 2016 launches another intiative she believes can be an over $1 billion assest generating revenue over 70 different product categories -  DC Super Hero Girls.

"Our overall consumer products represent a $6 billion business. The DC brand brings in about half of that. We think the DC Super Hero Girls can be bigger than a $1 billion brand," Nelson told Forbes.

Nelson, who is president of both DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Consumer Products as well as President/CCO of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, says that DC Super Hero Girls is aimed at girls aged six to 12 and is intended to create new "female teenage" role models.

"In some of our comic books, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are villains, but in high school, the characters are discovering their strengths and weaknesses while sitting alongside Wonder Woman and Supergirl," said Nelson. "If you look at Batman and Superman, there are adaptations that appeal to six year olds, as well as 40 year-olds. I hope that young girls get the things I hear about from every fanboy—an incredible sense of empowerment and aspiration. It’s about getting hope and inspiration from powerful role models. It’s about saving the day, alongside men."

DC and Warner Bros. have already released several animated shorts, a Free Comic Book Day preview issue of the upcoming DC Super Hero Girls OGN, and various branded apparel at Target. And even though the "official" rollout isn't until July, Nelson said sales have been "gangbusters."

"We’ve tested the apparel, Wonder Woman’s role-playing shield and bracelets in Target stores since April. It’s selling like gangbusters, and we can’t keep it on the shelves," said Nelson. "All of our retailers are excited about getting their hands on the products. We have 30 product categories out now, and will have 70 product categories in more than 35 markets globally after the rollout in July."

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