MARK MILLAR Offers $10k For Artist To Draw New HIT-GIRL

"Hit-Girl #1" variant by Phil Noto
Credit: Phil Noto (Marvel Comics / Icon)

Mark Millar has put out an open call for an artist to draw an upcoming Hit-Girl series - and he's promising a page rate that would make it one of the highest paying projects in comic books. The Scottish writer is publicly offering $10,000 per issue as well as a "generous royalty package." Hit-Girl is co-owned by Millar and John Romita Jr., making this new Hit-Girl project a work-for-hire title.

"Instead of messing around emailing people privately I thought I'd just do a big shout out right now to the comic-book community," said Millar. "We're looking for someone truly great for this, someone who can really handle a monthly deadline (we'll be publishing around 8 issues a year, two four issue arcs) and I'd like to get them started around four weeks from now as all the scripts are being readied. Payment is $10,000 dollars an issue for black and white art and a generous royalty package for monthly books and trades."

This new Hit-Girl series was originally teased in October with an unnamed "superstar creative team" to be named on January 10, 2016, but Millar now says the artist dropped out of the project he was "sadly locked into his contract longer than he thought."

Newsarama has confirmed that this project is not the previously-teased title with Greg Capullo. That project will be formally announced in late May or early June according to Millar.

Millar has previously stated that he would be once again working with John Romita Jr. on a creator-owned project after the artist finishes work on All-Star Batman.

Interested artists should read the full details on Millar's forum to submit.

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