See How WALLY WEST’s New Costume Works

Rebirth Wally West redesign by Brett Booth

DC has released Brett Booth character sketch for the returning Wally West after the events of DC Universe: Rebirth #1, and leading into his starring role in the upcoming Titans.

Take note on Booth's numerous notes, as well as the code name they use for Wally: "Wally West Flash." The other Titans character sketches, also in this gallery, feature each character in their primary name - Dick Grayson as "Nightwing," for example -- but it looks like West is confirmed as once again becoming a full-fledged "Flash" and not "Kid Flash."

Wally, Dick, Donna, Roy, Garth and Lilith will serve as the core as the team when they relauch in this month's Titans: Rebirth #1.

Check out our full gallery of character design sketches by artists Brett Booth, Andrew Dahouse and Javi Fernandez.

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