COLBERT Takes Down the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a 'Sausage Fest'

Still from 'The Late Show'
Still from 'The Late Show'
Credit: CBS

Late Show host Stephen Colbert has a long history with Marvel - he was once even gifted Captain America's shield by then-Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada and even appeared in Amazing Spider-Man- so it's no surprise he has an opinion on what he calls the "sausage fest" in Marvel movies.

Bouncing off Iron Man 3 director Shane Black's claim that the film's villain was changed from being a woman because of an unnamed executive's assertion that toys based on female characters don't sell, Colbert jokingly took on Marvel's lack of female lead characters on his show.

"I saw Captain America: Civil War and I liked it. But I could not help but notice, as I watched it, sitting there in the theater, absolutely thrilled by the movie, so many of the characters seem to have something in common - Iron Man, Ant-Man, Spider-Man, Black Panther-Man," Colbert joked. "The Marvel Cinematic Universe is kind of a sausage fest, and I gotta say, all that spandex really showcases the sausage."

Colbert went on to deconstruct the idea that a female action figure wouldn't sell.

"It makes sense! Girls don't pay with dolls," and joking that other villains, such as "Darlene Vader," were originally female as well.

You can see the entire segment right here:

Marvel Studios' first female-fronted movie, Captain Marvel, is scheduled for release March 8, 2019.

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