DC REBIRTH Week 4 Variants

DC Rebirth Variants week 4

Here's the last of the DC Rebirth Month 1 variant covers, including Action Comics #1 (Ryan Sook), Aquaman #1 (Josh Middleton), Wonder Woman #1 (Frank Cho), The Flash #1 (Dave Johnson) and Detective Comics #935 (Rafael Albuquerque).

They join the previously released Rebirth #1 special variants for Aquaman (Ryan Benjamin), The Flash (Jason Pearson), Wonder Woman (Stanley Lau), Batman (Howard Porter), Superman (Andy Park), Green Lantern (Alex Garner), Titans (Mike Choi) and Green Arrow (Steve Skroce), along with the covers to Detective Comics #934 (Rafael Albuquerque), Action Comics #957 (Ryan Sook), Green Arrow #1 (Neal Adams), Batman #1 (Tim Sale), Green Lanterns #1 (Emanuela Lupacchino) and Superman #1 (Kenneth Rocafort).

Check out all the new covers in our gallery.

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