X-MEN Producer Reveals Reason for GAMBIT's Delay, Future Plans

Channing Tatum / Gambit
Channing Tatum / Gambit
Credit: Marvel Comics

X-Men producer Simon Kinberg says that 20th Century Fox learned many lessons from the success of Deadpool, chiefly that fans respond to movies that are true to the character they're adapting.

“I think one of the things that I’ve learned on all these movies – and maybe the lesson was best learned for me on Deadpool – is the most important thing is getting the tone and the voice right. That the storytelling, the actual narrative, the plots are sort of interchangeable and disposable, ultimately,” Kinberg told Flickering Myth. “If I ask you what your favorite movies are, you’re not going to tell me about the plot. You’re going to tell me you love this character.” 

That need to be true to a character's core is what's caused the studio to indefinitely delay its Gambit spin-off, which will reportedly still star Channing Tatum in the title role.

“We just didn’t get the script to the place where we all thought the movie deserved. So we’re still working on the script...What we’ve really tried to do with Gambit is make sure that we get the voice of that character right and the tone of the comics 100% on the page,” Kinberg explained. “It’s a very unique tone. It’s unique from Deadpool, it’s unique from the X-Men. It’s a heist movie that we’ve never done in these kinds of films before. He’s a con-man. And so that’s really where we’ve spent our time.”

Still, fans won't have to wait long to see the cajun con-man on the big screen.

“We’re very close, actually, to being done with the script. And the hope is that Channing has a couple of movies he has to shoot, but that we would shoot at the end of this year, or the beginning of next year.”

One film that Kinberg said wasn't true to its roots, and suffered for it, was last year's Fantastic Four reboot. Despite its failings, Kinberg believes a sequel could still work - and could crossover into the X-Men universe, or even the Marvel Cinematic Universe, thanks to the first film's use of interdimensional travel.

“Well that gets complicated for reasons that are way above my pay grade in terms of how you integrate the Fox Marvel properties into the Marvel Studios properties,” Kinberg observed. “I would love to see it. Obviously it’s working out with Spider-Man, and Kevin Feige is someone who I absolutely adore and really respect and kind of worship. It would be amazing if we could figure it out, but I’m more focused on if there’s a way to have the Fantastic Four and the X-Men – one day, in an ideal world – meet up.”

Both Gambit and a planned Fantastic Four sequel were delayed indefinitely.

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