A Call for Dan DiDio Questions

t’s that time again...

Time to hit us with your questions for DC Universe Executive Editor Dan DiDio.

So what are you looking to have answered? Ask away below.

Some notes on how to get your question selected:

1) Make sure it’s something Dan can answer. As he’s said many times, he’s not out to spoil stories (and yes, we still do get questions asking about the status quo after Blackest Night - seriously), and he is chiefly concerned and tasked with making sure the content of the books is there, month-in, month-out. He can’t talk officially about collections or larger DC policy or business topics - including animation, television and film. And if you’re wondering, yes, he does wish comics were cheaper too – and that’s about the extent he can go into it.

2) Be objective – or as objective as you can. Dial down the sense of entitlement and fan outrage as best as you can, too. Yes, we all feel it, but pull it back. Along those lines, don’t ask a question which makes the subject have to agree with your assessment of a project in order to answer. An example: “Given the utter failure on every level of _____, do you think that...?”

3) Don’t do the “Have you stopped beating your wife” type questions.

4) You may want to review the last couple of installments, as we’ve gotten questions from angry fans claiming their questions never get answered that are actually repeats of things Dan has already talked about - in some cases, talked about many times.

5) Have fun - think of this as a convention panel. Get him going, and he's more than likely to say more than he means to - and then, we all win.

Other than that, have at it. We'll have the answers up next Wednesday.

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