CBCS Moves Into On-Site Grading

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Credit: Comic Book Certification Service
Credit: Comic Book Certification Service

The competition just ramped up in the high-dollar world of comic grading.

Comic Book Certification Service (CBCS) will accept on-site submissions for grading with same-weekend turnaround for the first time at the Tampa Bay Comic Con, August 5-7, 2016.

Under the program, collectors can drop their comics off with CBCS at the convention, and they will be graded, encapsulated, and ready for pickup at the con by the end of the weekend. CBCS is trying this for the first time, as they have geography on their side. The convention is in Tampa, and CBCS’ facilities are in St. Petersburg. Books will be brought to the office for quick grading.

“It’s the same facility, the same security, the same lighting as always,” said CBCS President and Head Grader Steve Borock. “Collectors should know they’re getting the exact same service from us that they always do, only faster.”

Basic turnaround time for mail-in service is 30 days, but CBCS has a variety of upgrade options that can get books back in customers' hands faster. CBCS has not yet determined the price for on-site submissions, but the consumer cost of postage will not be a factor.

“Some customers worry about things getting lost in the mail as well,” Borock said. “That won’t be an issue here. Plus it’s great for sellers at the con who want to get a book graded to sell on the weekend, or for collectors who just want their book back really quickly.”

Borock called the weekend a “test run” to see if people like the quick service. If response if good, the company will look at options to bring a mobile setup to remote conventions in the near future, as it attends an average of 4 to 5 conventions per month across North America.

Comics Guaranty Company (CGC) has been offering on-site service at select conventions for several years. At large conventions, CGC can get on-site submissions that number in the thousands.

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