JUSTICE LEAGUE & JLA Titles Undergo Creative Changes, Story Switches & More Delays Before REBIRTH

DC Comics April 2016 solicitations
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

As DC Comics prepares to shift over from "New 52" to its line-wide Rebirth revamp, the final pre-Rebirth issues of major titles like Justice League and Justice League of America are being delayed, changed, and some outright cancelled from the shipping schedule, for now at least.

Justice League #51, which was already cancelled and resolicited once before, will now feature a Dan Abnett/Paul Pelletier story originally solicited for Justice League #52 and is scheduled for release on June 8.

The story, a flashback to the early days of the "New 52" League and guest-starring Dick Grayson as Robin, is considered a Titans: Rebirth #1 prelude. Since Titans: Rebirth #1 goes on sale June 15, the prelude story being moved to June 8 rather than June 22 as originally solicited does make sense. 

The Dan Jurgens/Paul Pelletier story originally solicited for #51 will now appear in Justice League #52, still scheduled for release June 22.

Check out the original solicitations for both here.

For Bryan Hitch's oft-delayed Justice League of America title, its ninth issue - originally scheduled for release March 30 - will now come out on June 15, according to DC, with #10 and #11 currently both listed for July 6 and 27 releases, respectively.

Diamond has cancelled Justice League of America #12 and Justice League of America Annual #1, originally solicited last month for June and announced they will re-solicited in their June previews catalog for comics on sale in August. DC's website currently lists both titles as August releases.

Justice League of America writer/artist Bryan Hitch is, of course, the writer of the upcoming Rebirth Justice League relaunch, with the Rebirth one-shot and debut issue both solicited/scheduled for release in July.

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