Report: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Ride Coming To DISNEY PARKS As Part of 'Multi-Year' MARVEL Plan

Still from "Guardians of the Galaxy"
Credit: Marvel Studios

Nearly six years after Walt Disney's acquisition of Marvel, the company's theme park division is moving ahead with a "multi-year" Marvel plan beginning with a Guardians of the Galaxy ride, according to Micechat. According to the Disney news site, Disney Parks is working to remake Disney California Adventures' Twilight Zone Tower of Terror into a new ride based around Guardians of the Galaxy, and specifically Benicio del Toro's character, the Collector.

Micechat says plans are to close Twilight Zone Tower of Terror this fall, with the Guardians of the Galaxy ride aimed at a May 2017 grand opening, to coincide with the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie. Disney Imagineers have reportedly already begun "testing and experimenting" different facets of the planned ride in early mornings and late evenings when the park is closed.

The Disney news site goes on to say that this rumored development is the first of a "multi-year plan" to utilize Marvel more in the Disney Parks, including talk of a "Marvel mega-coaster."

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