CIVIL WAR II Prequel Announced

"Civil War II: Ulyssses #1" cover by Francesco Francavilla
Credit: Francesco Francavilla (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Francesco Francavilla (Marvel Comics)

While Iron Man and Captain Marvel lead the opposing sides of Marvel's Civil War II event, the impetus for the entire crossover is a new Inhuman named Ulysses, and now he's getting a 3-issue series telling his origin story according to Blastr. Originally introduced in Saturday's Free Comic Book Day one-shot, Civil War II: Ulysses will be a digital-first Marvel Infinite Comic prequel describing the precognitive Inhuman's time leading up to now. According to series writer Al Ewing, Ulysses is one of the recently powered NuHumans.

"He's just a normal college guy, not the super-hero type, who gets hit with the mists and wakes up with a power that could shake the whole Marvel Universe - the power to predict the future," said the writer.

Although not a "hero" himself (yet), Ulysses is "the cause of it all" when it comes to Civil War II

"Essentially, the war is over whether or not the heroes should be using his powers, and what for," said Ewing. "But in order to even get to that part, he has to learn how to use his abilities, which is where our Infinite Comic comes in. It's a prequel of sorts; we're following Ulysses as he's taken to the Tower of Wisdom - a sort of Inhuman temple of learning, for want of a better term - to be trained by Karnak, whose Inhuman ability is to see the flaw in all things. Karnak's training methods might be more than Ulysses can handle, though."

Karl Kesel will be storyboarding Civil War II: Ulysses, with Jefte Paolo providing the final artwork. The three-issue series is scheduled to debut as a Marvel Infinite Comic in June, with a print edition planned for August.

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