MMA Fighters As Superheroes In New BELLATOR 154 Posters

"Bellator #154" poster
Credit: Bellator
Credit: Bellator

To promote it's upcoming Bellator 154 event on May 14, Bellator has re-cast its main eventers King Mo and Phil Davis as superheroes in two comic book-style posters. Illustrated by Kevin Nelson, the posters play up the outside-the-cage personalities and colorful nicknames of the two MMA fighters.

“In trying to come up with a way to promote our big main event at Bellator 154 on May 1 in a very unique and creative way our Social Media Manager John Aguon came to me with this fantastic idea of capitalizing on the recent popularity of the comic book super hero fights that are owning Hollywood right now,” said Bellator Vice President of Digital, Eric Burak.

Credit: Bellator

“John had a third party artist come in and develop the initial sketch look of two of our best personalities while keeping both Phil Davis and King Mo’s physical attributes in mind. We then handed the project over to our fantastic Creative Director Kevin Nelson, an avid comic book reader himself, who ran with the concept and paid homage to the comic book look of old."

Many MMA stars have crossed over to comic books, even in superhero movies. Wrestler/MMA fighter Batista is arguably the most famous, playing Guardians of the Galaxy's Drax, while Gina Carano played Angeldust in Deadpool, George St-Pierre appeared as Batroc in Captain America: Winter Soldier, and Rhonda Rousey has openly lobbied to play Captain Marvel.

Bellator 154 is scheduled to air May 14 on Spike.

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