Marvel Announces Two CIVIL WAR II Mystery Tie-ins, Offers Clues

Marvel Civil War II tie-in
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel has announced two Civil War II tie-in one-shots titled The Accused and The Fallen. The nature of the tie-ins is being kept under wraps, but Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort says that, while they’re not required reading, The Accused and The Fallen will delve deeper into important parts of Civil War II.

"Like the other tie-ins that we're doing, you can just read the core series and be fine. But for greater insight and greater nuance, these one-shots will help to flesh out some of the most important parts of the story."

Credit: Marvel Comics

For now, even the creative teams are a secret, though Brevoort did give some insight, saying "In one instance, [a creator has] a close familiarity with a key character in question," he teases. "In the other, a specialty related to the story in that one-shot."

Civil War II: The Accused and Civil War II: The Fallen hit shelves July 6.

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