GEOFF JOHNS Makes New REBIRTH Pitch To 'A World of Digital Cynicism and Perhaps Justified Skepticism'

DC Rebirth
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer and Rebirth architect Geoff Johns has penned a new essay explaining what the next DC revamp-relaunch initiative is all about and what the term "Rebirth" means to him.

The essay appears in the back of this week's new DC titles, and since the publisher is trying to appeal to new and "returning" DC readers who might not be reading DC titles at the moment, Newsarama thought you might want to look. 

Johns begins by explaining that to him the term Rebirth is not "a brand or a marketing tool," but it's about "the intrinsic values of what DC comic books and its universe stand for."

"In a world of digital cynicism and perhaps justified skepticism, I hope you're surprised when you read the books," Johns writes. 

You can read Johns' full essay in DC titles on sale starting today or by clicking to your right. 

Rebirth begins with the Johns-written DC Universe Rebirth Special #1, on sale at 12:01am at participating retailers May 25.

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