MILLAR’s Movie-Bound SUPERCROOKS & AMERICAN JESUS Get Comic Book Sequels

American Jesus vol 1

Less than a week after movie option deals were announced for both projects, writer Mark Millar revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that he's actively working on comic book sequels to both Supercrooks and American Jesus. Titled Supercrooks: The Bounty Hunter and American Jesus: Messiah, the repsective co-creators/artists Leinil Francis Yu and Peter are reportedly onboard to return as well, although no publisher has been named for either project.

“I have five arcs planned [for Supercrooks]," said Millar. "The stars never quite aligned for [Yu and I] and he was always in the middle of a contract when I was free and vice versa. But we decided we’d definitely do this about six months ago and I’m writing it over summer once all my current commitments are done."

Millar has talked about doing a sequel to American Jesus since it was first published in 2004 as Chosen, but now the writer has three sets of trilogies planned for the concept.

“Believe it or not, I’ve been writing and rewriting for ten years,” Millar said. “I’ve had the first issue of the sequel written since 2006 and been slowly piecing the rest of it together since. But around Christmas it all started coming together very well. My great fear was the real Jesus coming back before I finished it."

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