Post Game: Smallville "Doomsday"

Post Game: Smallville "Doomsday"

"How do you feel about phone booths?" -- Lois Lane (Erica Durance)

"So, this whole time you were with me was for Clark??" -- Davis Bloome (Sam Witwer)

"Doomsday" got things going with a sweeping panoramic of Metropolis and streak flying into the city. It's Rokk Krinn (Cosmic Boy of the Legion of Super-Heroes) and he descends upon the Daily Planet rooftop to meet Clark. They discuss the fact that despite Brainiac's absence after the Legion's last visit, Doomsday (Davis Bloome) now is more powerful than ever because Chloe's rescue back then only resulted in emboldening the beast now. Clark gets a new Legion flight ring with instructions by Cosmic Boy to use it to shuttle Doomsday off to the future so the Legion in full force can take care of him once and for all. Clark unwisely (shocker!) rebuffs the offer because he is certain that Jor-El deemed him the Earth's savior and this had to be what that prophecy was all about. Cosmic Boy cryptically warns him that tomorrow is the day that he will die.

We're then taken to Edge City, and the real Chloe and Davis are recreating the one scene from Wayne's World on the hood of a car, gazing at the stars above. Davis ruminates about the myth of Persephone, a gal who chose to live in the underworld with Hades, and he likens their current situation to that. They're almost surprised that they may be getting away with their escape to a more peaceful existence.

At the Luthor mansion, Tess Mercer discovers that the orb of Kandor (see "Injustice" from last week) has been stolen from the inside (previously secure in the vault), only in a matter of seconds since security didn't even have an opportunity to react, much less know who was responsible. She implicitly tells her aides that finding the orb is their one and only mission.

Later, Clark is at the Daily Planet, writing a "Dear John" letter of sorts to the city, signed by the Red-Blue Blur. Lois walks in and calls out Clark since he's not tending to Chloe's disappearance with some "beastie boy." (nice 80s music reference, Lois is always good for those). Clark disappears suddenly and she gets a call from the Blur. He's across the street at a building where he can see the conversation, reminiscent of another phone call they had from a while back. Clark as the Blur asks her to publish his letter in the event anything happens to him. She demands to meet him in person to see his face and arranges a rendezvous for later on, at a particular phone booth where she will be at a select time in case he can swing by. You know, since he's got plenty of free time lately.

The next day, Clark is back at the Kent farm doing some soul-searching when Justice Leaguers Black Canary (Dinah Lance) and Impulse (Bart Allen) arrive in their civilian guises. Clark lays out his plan to take down Doomsday alive and stealing away with him way underground with the help of black kryptonite splitting him up into two distinct entities, the man and the beast. Oliver Queen crashes the meeting and calls out Clark for his weak scheme. Clark announces to Bart and Dinah that Ollie killed Lex, much to their dismay, and Clark seemingly banishes Green Arrow from the team.

Back at the Daily Planet offices after hours, Jimmy Olsen (now under the direction of Oliver Queen) is snooping around Tess's office, and in the process he runs into Lois already hiding under Tess's desk. After swapping stories, Jimmy uses a jump drive on Tess's office computer to find that she's been tracking Davis. From that they find the Edge City location. Lois stays to look through Tess's computer and she finds an interrogation tape showing Tess beating down the old Luthor aide Regan over the Kandorian orb. In the footage, she argues with Regan about the Traveler needing to take care of Doomsday once and for all, and he's certain that her plan to "save" Kandor could be Earth's undoing all the same. Elsewhere at the Planet Clark gets the call from Black Canary about locating Doomsday, but it quickly turns into a distress call implying that Doomsday is there and on the attack.

Clark gets to Edge City in a hurry to find Canary and Impulse okay. But, not quickly enough, as Clark finds that it is a good old fashioned Justice League ambush. Green Arrow subdues Clark with a green kryptonite-charged dart with the intention of keeping him down only temporarily. The team leaves him so they can take out Doomsday the only way they know how, permanently.

The newspaper office gets a lot of screen time in this finale as Lois shows up there later on business and is quickly confronted by Tess. Tess accuses Lois of being responsible for the missing orb, though the viewer has no reason to believe any of that was on Lois. They get into a very heated fight, both being very good hand-to-hand combatants. This isn't Crystal and Alexis catfights from days of Dynasty, yo. From Clark's desk his Legion ring falls out of a drawer, and when Lois grabs it she is transported somewhere.

Cut to the LuthorCorp geothermal facility where Clark planned the entrapment of Doomsday. Chloe is there on a floor just coming out of being unconscious. The Justice League trio of Green Arrow, Black Canary and Impulse are there with Davis under wraps. Despite Chloe's protests that she's the only one who can keep him from beasting out, Davis is actually cool with the the team's plan to put him out of his misery. With minimal provocation, Davis totally hulks out despite Chloe's help. He wastes little time taking out all the Leaguers, but then Chloe splits Davis into two separate beings with the black kryptonite jabbed into his chest. There, Davis and Doomsday meet face-to-face as they cut to commercial. I do have to say, and this becomes even more apparent later, that the folks at Smallville did a bang-up job on Doomsday. Not resorting to flimsy CGI, this live-action version of Superman's ultimate destroyer is as good as I'd expect from a big-budget motion picture production. And they went with a straight up recreation of the character over some all-new version for the show, which was most welcome. Somewhere out there I hope Dan Jurgens enjoyed this.

Back with Clark, still out of commission thanks to the ambush, Jimmy shows up and yanks the dart out of his back. Knowing that something is totally not right, Clark confesses to being the Red-Blue Blur and also that Davis is the Doomsday monster, confiding that Jimmy was right all along. Clark knows that he has to go to the plant to find the others, and he asks Jimmy to get the "wedding gift" he still has but didn't give to Chloe. At this point I thought I totally missed something from their aborted wedding, but it was a whole new angle conveniently introduced in this episode.

Clark shows up to find everyone out. The split clearly happened, as Davis is still there, so now Clark has to hunt Doomsday. In Metropolis, Lois is not at the one phone booth, not surprising since she disappeared, but the worst is feared. Doomsday is causing loads of mayhem in the city streets, indiscriminately thrashing men, women and children. Clark shows up to fight and Doomsday proceeds to kick his ass. With all the strength he can muster, Clark launches himself and Doomsday airborne and back to the plant where everything blows up when they make their plunge. Cut to hours later at sunrise, and Chloe and Jimmy are tending to an unconscious Davis at a Metropolis loft space. This was the wedding gift Clark and Jimmy spoke of earlier, a loft in need of remodeling with an unobstructed view of the entire city. Jimmy finally recognizes what Chloe sacrificed to protect Clark and his big secret, not to mention everyone who was ultimately saved from Doomsday and seeing that in the process she lost so much. There Jimmy reconciles with Chloe with a kiss, but it's cut way too short as he gets impaled from behind by Davis. You can take man out of the beast, but you can't take the beast out of the man. Davis freaks out because it's now apparent that her time with him was never out of love but rather protection of Clark. He freaks out, about to kill Chloe, and Jimmy manages one last save, giving the now mortal Davis a fatal shove into another stray metal pole before himself dying. OMG, how can Superman's pal, Jimmy Olsen, be dead??

The finale conclusion returns with the funeral for "Henry James Olsen." Chloe is of course there along with a beaten and bruised Justice League, and behind his sunglasses you can even see Oliver shedding a tear. I'll admit that even I got a tad verklempt. It is here at the service where we discover how the Jimmy Olsen of generations Superman mythology can still exist. In attendance are Jimmy's father and younger brother. Chloe's only meeting them for the first time because prior to the wedding Jimmy hinted that he was on the outs with his family. The sad little boy is wearing a bow tie, and apparently his proper name is Jimmy. There you go! Chloe gives him "Henry James"'s camera suggesting that he may want to follow in his late brother's footsteps. Something tells me he will. On the outskirts of the funeral we see Clark laying low, staying out of sight.

Later at the loft, Clark greets Chloe and he explains how he survived the plant blast, getting out in time to save only himself. He's also tried to find Lois with no luck. Granted a lot has happened in the last few days, but Clark seems especially despondent. "I put humanity on a pedestal," Clark says as he comes to a realization that his human side got in the way of taking care of business and preventing all the casualties. Chloe disputes this thinking and sees the loft as the new Watchtower. He declares that Clark Kent is dead, suggesting that he will continue to be the Earth's protector but to do so as a more distant Kryptonian. Good luck with that, Kal-El.

"Doomsday" wraps at the Luthor Mansion and the orb reappears and Tess finds it on the front lawn. It burrows a hole in the ground, and it looks like it's just dug up Zod. At least that's what the announcement suggests. And with that Season Eight comes to a close on a big, fat "Uh oh."

So, readers, viewers, did "Doomsday" bring the season to a close effectively? When Clark says to Chloe that "he is dead," is he referring to the studly guy who's easy on the eyes from the last few years that EVERYONE would recognize as the Man of Steel? Are we finally going to see that nerdy Clark Kent identity established? What happened to Lois, or better yet WHERE? Will Smallville have a new regular cast member in Zod to replace Sam Witwer (Davis)? Why can't the show use awesome classic rock like Supernatural?

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