WIZARD WORLD CEO/President Resigns

Wizard World logo
Credit: Wizard World

Just weeks after Wizard World revealed a $4.25 million loss in 2015, CEO and President John Macaluso has resigned from the company. No reason was given by Macaluso for the departure, but he describes it as "a personal decision for myself and my family." Taking his place will be board Chairman, John D. Maatta.

Matta has been a Wizard World board member since 2011, and was elected as chairman back in February (from which he'll now step down). Matta oversaw the transition of the WB to becoming the CW, working as both COO and General Counsel for the company. In addition to his position at Wizard World, he's also a director of the the Polynesian-inspired restaurant chain Trader Vic's.

Taking Maatta's place as board chairman will be Paul L. Kessler of Bristol Capital Advisors. Kessler joined the Wizard World board in 2013, and according to his company bio specializes in "operating, financing, capital formation, negotiating, structuring and re-structuring investment transactions."

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