Robinson and Rucka on August's 'Codename: Patriot'

Superman: World of New Krypton #6, part one of "Codename: Patriot"

In August, after six or so months of following their own divergent paths, DC’s Superman titles with their respective casts will come together in a crossover story that involves them all – from Mon-el to Superman, Supergirl to Guardian, and everyone in between. The four part “Codename: Patriot” will encompass all of the Superman titles (as well as a new Superman’s Pal: Jimmy Olsen Special for a tangential “part 5” of the story), and promises to shake up the Super status quo.

The storyline begins with a cliffhanger in World of New Krypton #5, officially kicking off in World of New Krypton #6 and then moving to Action Comics #880, Supergirl #44 and concluding in Superman #691.

For more – or as much as they were willing to let out of the bag at this point, we spoke with World of New Krypton, Superman and Action Comics writers (respectively), James Robinson and Greg Rucka.

Newsarama: James, let’s start with you – where did the idea for “Codename: Patriot” come form in the first place?

James Robinson: It came out of us meeting in New York, and we realized that fans weren’t going to want to have Superman so totally removed from everything else for a year, so we felt that six months in would be a good place to have a crossover to remind everyone of the big picture, and that this is all working towards an endpoint.

NRAMA: So it’s a natural halfway point of the larger storyline?

JR: Obviously, we have to be careful about what we say here, but one of the things that is kind of interesting about it is that by the end of the crossover, every character will be different. They’ll be the same characters, but what’s going on in their books will be changed because of what happens in this crossover.

It isn’t one of these things where they meet, they misunderstand each other, they fight, they stomp the villain, they go back to their lives, and it’s all the same. Each of the books will be different because of this crossover.

Greg Rucka: Right – the status quo changes for every single one of the characters. James is being coy here – and there will be a changeup in the cast – somewhat – in at least one book, but to say which one or how would be to tip our hand. But as for where things are coming from for the story, like in all big stories, you lay the foundation – Geoff and James have built this wonderful foundation, and they invited me in after Sterling. I don’t want this all to sound like a collection of clichés, but honest to God, this is the changeup.

By this point, the world of New Krypton has been established, and you have an idea of what’s going on there, the Superwoman story has been resolved, Mon-el and Guardian have been established in Metropolis, you’ve seen General Lane working around the edges…now we start playing hardball. Everything is in place, and now we start beating the characters over the heads with bats, and make their lives really, really, really miserable.

Which of course makes for good comics.

NRAMA: So as for the nature of the story – is this one large adventure that sees all the characters appearing in all of the books, or is there more of a hand-off from character to character as the throughline weaves throughout the books?

GR: The story very organically incorporates all of the characters, each in separate ways. So some will be standing side by side, and some will not be, but they are all there, logically. It isn’t as if it starts in World of New Krypton, and Superman passes the ball to Action Comics, and Action laterals it to Superman.

An event happens in Kandor that has repercussions that pull in everybody else.

NRAMA: And the fighting starts…

GR: Right. And that’s not to say that James, Sterling or I have been playing softball up to this point – this peels back another layer of what’s going on.

And as always, it’s really, really hard to talk about it without giving anything away…but let’s just say that the instigating factor is something that no one will see coming.

Check back later today for your first look at the August solicitations for all of DC’s Superman titles.

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