Word Balloon: Sterling Gates & Jamal Igle on Supergirl

Supergirl #43
Supergirl #43
Supergirl #43

Spoilers for Supergirl and the “Who is Superwoman?” arc ahead

Preview of Supergirl #41 here.

On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, we present a conversation with the creative team on Supergirl, Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle. The creators discuss Supergirl, from the recent reveal that Lucy Lane is the new Superwoman, to the death of Zor-El, and the fallout from New Krypton. There are plenty of character dissections as well, including Lana Lang, Allura, Cat Grant and Kara Zor-El herself, along with the creators' views on where all these strong women fit in this corner of the DC Superverse.

Some quotes from the conversation...

On Lucy Lane/Superwoman's role as Kara's new enemy:

Gates: "I wanted a villain that can act as a Lex Luthor type...when New Krypton was told to me, I thought it was a master stroke on Geoff (Johns) and James(Robinson's) part to have General Lane be the main bad guy...what great drama you get having Lois' family be against the Superman family?...There's some more crazy stuff coming up with Superwoman."

On the character designs for the leading women in the series:

Igle: When It comes to Supergirl the very first conversation I had with Matt Idelson He said, 'I don't want to see Supergirl's panties ever again,' and I agreed ...I think there should be a coy sexiness about her but I don't think it should be as overt as it's been drawn...it just didn't fit my image of what a teenaged Supergirl is supposed to be...she's Superman's cousin, and should be, even by default, sort of a role model to young girls..."

(For Lana's Asian influenced outfits) “My wife Corrine works in the fashion industry for a company that does a lot of photo touch ups for Vogue, Cosmo, Louis Vuitton... so I get to see all these fashion materials... I was thinking more in terms of something a little eclectic but business like...with Cat, it's all Victoria's Secret and Fredrick's of Hollywood...the sluttiest dresses I can find (laughs)."

Gates: "I guess that means write more Cat Grant scenes."

On The Death of Zor-El:

Gates: "Going in, Geoff and James really said we needed to upset things. This can't be a predictable Superman story, and I think the death of Zor El made New Krypton completely unpredictable, because you realize, 'Holy crap, no one is safe.'

Igle: With Supergirl #36...that was one of the highlights for me working on the book...when I was a teenager I lost a friend to gun violence so I was able to channelall of those feelings in that opening scene.

Gates: (Kara) doesn't get to (Zor) for nine pages, and she doesn't have powers, and is running across an open battlefield to get to him before he dies, to either save his life or talk to him one last time.....I lost my father when I was 17 not to violence but a massive heart attack...in those moments when Supergirl is holding Zor-El , and he's says 'I'm proud of you,' that was something as I held my father, I wanted him to say, and he couldn't. He was already gone

Given the scene in the Origins and Omens of Lana Lang spitting up some blood how's her future looking?

Gates: "Lana Lang has her own set of problems coming up that we won't come to a head until Supergirl #47."

On Kara's new civilian identity as Lana's niece:

Gates: "Linda Lang is not going away...it kinda got side tracked with all the New Krypton stuff...I was happy to see Linda Lang appear in Superman/Batman...as long as it happens elsewhere in the DCU, it's a real thing...We're going to do a story about her in the Supergirl Annual ...that's tentatively called ‘Linda Lang Day One.’"

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