DC Digs into the Past for FINAL DAYS OF SUPERMAN Iconic Bloody Logo

"Final Days of Superman" logo
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

With the Superman crossover event "Super-League" seguing to being dubbed "The Final Days of Superman" as the books are released, DC is doubling down on communicating the impression of the Man of Steel's death with the return of the iconic bloody "S" logo first seen on 1992's Superman #75 during the "Death of Superman" arc. 

Of course there is some reason to believe that this "death" may be of the "New 52" version of the character as a super-powered hero.

Superman #51, Batman/Superman #31, Action Comics #51 and Superman/Wonder Woman #28  are reportedly sold out on the publisher level, with DC planing reprints with new "Final Days of Superman" trade dress, S-shield chapter numbers, and "recolored" versions of the first printing covers. These four second printings are scheduled for release May 11.

"The Final Days of Superman" continues with Batman/Superman #32, Action Comics #52, Superman/Wonder Woman #29, and ends with Superman #52.

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