BRIAN K. VAUGHAN Opens A Surprising Continuity Door in THE WALKING DEAD: THE ALIEN One-shot

"The Walking Dead: Alien" art by Marcos Martin
Credit: Marcos Martin

Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin's anticipated The Walking Dead story debuted as a digital-only one-shot on PanelSyndicate. Titled The Walking Dead: The Alien, the in-continuity story is the first time co-creator Robert Kirkman has allowed another writer to work on the series co-created with Tony Moore.

Credit: Robert Kirkman

"We’re stunned and grateful that Robert Kirkman let us tell this particular story, which is firmly set in the continuity of his and Charlie Adlard’s beloved series," said Vaughan and Martin. "The Alien sheds light on a corner of their undead universe we never dreamed they’d let us reveal, and you can download the entire 31-page (!) black-and-white special at for any price you think is fair. Robert is very generously allowing us to keep 100% of whatever readers like you contribute, so thanks for helping to keep our site alive!

Credit: Robert Kirkman

PanelSyndicate was founded by Vaughan and Martin as a digital-only publisher for their creator-owned series Private Eye, but has gone on to publish other titles by the duo as well as other creators. The duo reached a deal with Robert Kirkman specifically to for a Private Eye print edition at Image Comics (which Kirkman co-owns) in exchange for being allowed to do this The Walking Dead one-shot on their own.

Credit: Robert Kirkman

Vaughan says that The Walking Dead: Alien is "exclusively" on PanelSyndicate, which would rule out any print edition.

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