Post Game: Lost Season Finale, a.k.a "WTF?"

Post Game: Lost Season Finale

Perhaps the most confusing, most science fiction oriented, and yes, most mind-blowing season of LOST yet came to an end last night. Like the 15 episodes leading up to it, the finale packed a helluva wollop. Here we’ll go over what happened, what questions were answered, what questions were asked, and postulate a bit on what Season 6 might have in store for us. Perhaps needless to say, SPOILERS ARE ON IN FULL FORCE so read on at your peril.

This episode revolved around three main stories, which we’ll tell separated, rather than mixed up in the way they were presented in the show: Jack trying to get the bomb to the site of the Swan, Locke trying to get to Jacob, and Jacob bringing together some familiar faces. That’s right, we finally officially met Jacob this time around, as he kicked off the episode on the beach of the island. The time wasn’t officially given, but based on the boat heading towards the island (presumably the Black Rock), one can guess it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 1845. We were also afforded a better look at the very Egyptian statue, in its full glory.

Jacob had a brief conversation with one who seems his equal and counterpart, who is unnamed throughout this episode. The “other” chastises Jacob for bringing people to their island before promising that one day, he’ll “find a loophole” and kill Jacob.

Jacob’s story jumps to several of the Losties throughout the episode. He meets them all at various points in their lives, some before ever coming to the island, some before coming back. Each time he meets someone, he physically touches them. We’ll theorize later what that significance is. In the flashbacks, he meets Kate as a little girl, Sayid just before his wife was killed, Locke just after he fell from the window, Jack just after he saved the girl in his first surgery, Hurley after he got out of prison (at this time, Jacob also gave him the guitar case, with something inside that we still don’t know), James “Sawyer” at his parents’ funeral, and Jin and Sun just after their wedding. He also visits a heavily injured Ilana, tasking her with a duty without speaking it out loud. After all this meeting (gathering?), the next time we see the enigmatic Island boss is towards the very end of the episode, once Locke catches up.

Locke’s journey has been an interesting one this season. He has travelled extensively through time. He has, of course, died, and when his dead body arrived back at the island, he (seemingly) came back to life. The reborn John Locke had all the memories and attitudes of O.G. John Locke, so no one had any reason to doubt it was he. Upon reuniting with Richard Alpert and the Others in the 2007 Island world, Locke told Richard he had to speak to Jacob immediately. Richard expressed concern over Locke returning to life, which Locke countered with having never met a man who didn’t age before, as Richard has been shown at the same age across several eras. Locke continued to manipulate both Ben and Richard as they made their pilgrimage alongside the Others to go see Jacob. Locke’s mission for Ben was simple: he was to kill Jacob. It seemed, however, that it had to be Ben’s choice, so Locke nudged him in the right direction by reminding him that during all his service to the island, he still got cancer, watched his daughter die, and was banished. In short, he should want to kill Jacob more than anything else in the world.

Now seemingly convinced, Ben follows Locke and Richard to a cave inside the foot of the infamous statue. Meanwhile, Ilana and her crew bring Frank Lapidus and a mysterious box along the shore of the island. They first head to the cabin where Jacob was possibly seen/heard once before, only to find it burned down, and some kind of ring of protection around it broken. They then also head to the statue, which it has already been implied holds great importance to this small band.

After beginning to open the entrance to the cave under the statue, Richard turns and leaves Locke and Ben, heading back to the large group of Others on the beach. He meets up with Ilana and her group, and is greeted with the cryptic phrase, “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” Richard responds in Latin, saying (loosely), “That which will save us.” Ilana, relieved that she has found another true believer, asks Richard to look inside the large box they’ve been carrying. Inside is the body of John Locke, still dead.

Meanwhile, “Locke” and Ben enter the cave and meet Jacob. Jacob immediately recognizes the fraud, saying, “You finally found your loophole.” Ben is confused, but his anger still drives him. After “Locke” goads him on, telling him to do what he was told (kill Jacob), he goes off on a tirade against Jacob, mentioning all of his past and asking “What about me?” Jacob responds with a terse “What ABOUT you?” This fully sets Ben off, and he kills him, stabbing Jacob twice in the chest. Before Jacob dies, however, he tells his opposite, still in the form of Locke, “They’re coming.” With this, “Locke” tosses Jacob into the fire to finish the job.

Back in 1977, Jack, Sayid, Eloise, and Richard are at the hydrogen bomb known as Jughead. Sayid explains, with the help of Daniel’s journal, that they only need the core, and a new detonator can be fashioned around it. After removing the core of the bomb, the reluctant foursome moves toward the camp of the Dharma Initiative, hoping to get to the Swan and set off the bomb before “the Incident” occurs, thus resetting time and fixing everything that happened to the passengers of flight 815. Richard knocks out Eloise, unwilling to risk her and her unborn child (Daniel)’s lives, and takes her back to the Others’ camp. Sayid and Jack move on, finding the Dharma barracks in chaos, due to the partial evacuation of the Island. In the ensuing struggle, Sayid is mortally wounded via gunshot, and Hurley, Miles, and Jin pick he and Jack up, along with the bomb, in a Dharma van. They drive off toward the Swan, but are stopped by Sawyer, Kate, and Juliet.

Those three were on the submarine at the end of last episode. After Kate detailed what Jack was up to, Juliet decided they should go back and stop him. They busted their way off the sub (but still sent it off away from the island), running into their old friends Rose and Bernard (and Vincent the dog, too!). The happy couple let them know they were just that, happy, and wanted to be left alone to meet whatever fate they would together. They were also shown to be living in a cabin of their own making. When they spoke of their unwavering love, Sawyer looked at Kate, changing how Juliet felt in an instant.

After the three stopped the Dharma van full of their friends, Jack and Sawyer went off to pow-wow while Sayid rigged the bomb to detonate on impact. Sawyer tried to talk Jack out of his crazy plan, then tried to beat the idea out of him, only to be stopped by his lady love, Juliet. She told Sawyer she changed her mind and they had to let Jack do his thing, and it was all because of him looking at Kate. She didn’t want to have to be heartbroken and lose him, and wouldn’t if they were never there to begin with.

The now all-for-one Losties in the 70s stormed the Swan just as the energy pocket was breached. The ensuing gun battle saw a couple more Dharma-ites die, but the ones who got away in their future got away again here. After Jack successfully threw the bomb down the freshly dug hole-to-energy, nothing happened, aside from a massive magnetic pull being activated (sound familiar?). The pull crushed Dr. Chang’s arm (solving the mystery of his limp arm in the orientation video) under some of the drilling equipment, then pulled Juliet into the hole. After a struggle by Kate and Sawyer to pull her up, she saw that Sawyer was in imminent danger and let go, dropping to her death.

Jack and Kate managed to pull Sawyer away from the hole before he too was crushed, and Miles got his father, Pierre Chang, away from the dig site. We then saw that Juliet somehow survived the fall, landing right next to the bomb. She picked up a rock, and beat the bomb until… WHITE SCREEN, BLACK LOST LOGO and the famous “boom” sound denoting that it was all over until 2010.

So what might Season 6 have in store for us, and what new questions did this finale ask? Well, the big one is of course, who exactly is this counterpart of Jacob’s? Even money has him being named Esau, the biblical twin brother of Jacob, keeping with the mixture of religious themes we’ve seen throughout the series’ five seasons. What was Jacob’s purpose in bringing the Oceanic 815 passengers to the island? He spoke of “the end” as a consequence of one of his groups of travelers. Is he trying to bring about the end times? Is he perhaps raising an army to fight off his dastardly enemy and save the world? Ilana and her compatriots are a mystery unto themselves. They have a deeper connection to the Island, the Statue, and Jacob, as was made obvious by their riddle that only Richard knew the answer to and their direct instructing from Jacob. Who are they, and for that matter, just who is Richard Alpert anyway? The other big question is what exactly happened when Juliet struck the bomb? Will it set the Losties back onto Oceanic 815 and allow them to land in LA none the wiser? Or, as foretold by Jacob, will it bring them back to the “present,” that is, 2007, for a final showdown with “maybe-Esau?” Or, and this is highly unlikely will all of them simply die in the explosion? Will any of them? All of this, plus Ben finding out he’s been had, Richard finding out he’s been had, and the fate of Rose, Bernard, and Vincent hanging in the balance adds up to one heck of an 8-9 months of speculation, questions, and unfortunately, no answers at all.

So what did you think, readers? What new question burns the most in your mind? What do you think the future holds in next year’s final season of LOST?

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