POE DAMERON & BB-8 Reunite For STAR WARS Charity, While Fans Rally To Bring Back EXTENDED UNIVERSE

Still from 'Star Wars: Force For Change' video
Still from 'Star Wars: Force For Change' video
Credit: Disney

Poe Dameron actor Oscar Isaac and his Star Wars: The Force Awakens co-star BB-8 have reunited to support the "Star Wars: Force For Change" charity initiative. Check out their video below:

"Star Wars: Force For Change" will culminate on Star Wars Day, May 4, raising funds for UNICEF, the Red Cross, the Boys & Girls Club of America, and Make-A-Wish.

Meanwhile, a group of fans calling themselves Give Us Legends has erected a billboard in San Francisco asking Lucasfilm and Disney to restore the Star Wars Extended Universe continuity that was retroactively changed to be 'out of continuity' when Disney purchased the franchise. 

The billboard, which was paid for via a successful IndieGoGo campaign, reads "Dear Lucasfilm, please continue the ORIGINAL EXTENDED UNIVERSE - The Epic Story That Existed From 1974-2014. Thank you."

According to their website, the group doesn't want Disney to revert to the previous continuity, but to continue it alongside the current, relaunched Star Wars continuity that exists across films, cartoons, comic books, and novels.

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