New 'Elite' STORMTROOPERS Coming To STAR WARS Comics

"Star Wars" concept art
Credit: Jorge Molina

Marvel Comics has announced that a new Stormtrooper group will debut in June's Star Wars #20 inspired by some of the characters from the Clone Wars animated series. The seven-member squad will be led by Sergeant Kreel, a soldier Marvel's Star Wars title introduced previously as working for Grakkus the Hutt.

Credit: Jorge Molina

“When we last saw him, he was talking to Darth Vader, and it was hopefully clear this was a guy you were going to see again, a guy who was going to get back in the game in terms of being an Imperial agent," said series writer Jason Aaron.

This "elite" Stormtrooper squad will debut in #20, but they'll star in a standalone story in July's Star Wars #21. Marvel's Star Wars comic book titles are part of the movie universe's official canon. 

Credit: Jorge Molina

“We really get to see the whole group in action with the next issue. It [issue #21] is both a standalone and the beginning of the next arc," said Aaron. "It really focuses in on this new group of stormtroopers. We get to see them in action on their own little mission that also sets the stage for where we’re going in that next arc.”

“[This is] a group that’s used to being dropped into all sorts of different circumstances and far corners of the galaxy," explained the writer. "You drop these guys in, they can operate on their own, they can get done whatever sort of mission you need them to do. There are guys within that group who have different functions. There’s an explosives guy, a sniper, and a scout, and a big burly bazooka guy.”

Credit: Jorge Molina

Aaron said this squad is inspired both by A Force Awakens and the 'Bad Batch' characters from Clone Wars.

“The main thing I wanted to do was give more of a face to some of the stormtroopers. We’ve seen lots of them in the series, but they’ve all been pretty interchangeable, faceless bad guys. We haven’t gotten to know them," said the writer. "That was one of my favorite parts of The Force Awakens, getting to see and getting to know a real character who was a stormtrooper and somebody who, of course, has a conscience and changed his ways and joined up with the good guys. This is the opposite of that. It’s us peering inside the heads of somebody who is very gung-ho for the Empire and then the question, of course, is ‘Why? Why would you sign up to fight for the Empire?’ That’s something we’ll answer over the course of the story. We wanted to put a face on those enemies and also create a formidable group of bad guys because they’re up against our heroes."

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