Extended CIVIL WAR ANT-MAN Scene Reveals a New TEAM CAP Adversary - SPOILERS

Captain America: Civil War
Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

Spoilers ahead for Captain America: Civil War.

Marvel has released an extended version of a previously seen clip in which Ant-Man is recruited to Team Cap. In this clip, Scott Lang mentions being brought on board to help fight "psycho assassins" (not, presumably, Iron Man's Avengers faction). Could these be agents of the still mysterious Baron Zemo?

Take a look:

Ant-Man will reportedly play a major role in Civil War, turning the tide of one of the climactic battles by going a new direction - literally - and becoming Giant-Man. 

"Joe and Anthony [Russo] said they needed something big to turn the battle, and that just seemed like the greatest way to do that," Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige told SlashFilm. He also said the change may carry over to Ant-Man & The Wasp, on which work has only recently begun.

"I can’t say [what genre]," Feige said of the sequel to last year's Ant-Man. "But certainly we are in early days now of working on it. Paul Rudd is working on that story as we speak with Peyton Reed. We certainly want to stay true to what made it so unique and different, and we’ll see how that comes together."

Meanwhile, one of the stars of Captain America: Civil War is turning back the clock for the film. At a recent press conference, directors Joe and Anthony Russo and star Robert Downey, Jr. discussed an effects heavy scene that de-aged Downey to his 20's. Here's a clip:

Captain America: Civil War will be released in theaters May 6.

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