TRINITY's Dynamics, GREEN LANTERNS Face a 'Rogue Guardian', & DIDIO Teases JOHNNY QUICK's REBIRTH Return?

DC Rebirth art
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

With Rebirth, superstar writer/artist Frances Manapul is bringing DC's three biggest names together under one title. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman will star in Trinity, a book that takes its title from the informal moniker shared by the three heroes.

While that much power under one roof might signal a knockdown, drag out superhero slugfest, for Manapul, it's all about the three main characters' relationships.

"Bruce is apprehensive about everyone and likes to play the part of a loner, but even he understands the value of 'friends,'" said Manapul in the DC Comics Previews Catalog. "This doesn't mean he doesn't have a plan to take them down just in case."

Counter to Batman's reserved caution is Superman's optimism.

"Clark is a small town boy at his core, so he's had a very grounded upbringing, contrasting the other two which he can be in awe with at times," Manapul explained. "Even though he's an alien, he feels he brings the Everyman aspect to the trinity."

Situated between the two extremes is Wonder Woman, who Manapul says bridges the gap between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel.

"Diana's ability to empathize with both Bruce and Clark makes her the glue that ties the trinity together. She understands that their difference in ideologies is what makes them stronger."

Credit: DC Comics

Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman comprise the big guns of the Justice League, but some of the other members have some major changes coming their way in Rebirth as well. For example, rookie Green Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz will have to deal with a "rogue Guardian" in their new series.

"The Guardians created the most powerful weapon in the DC Universe-the Green Lantern ring," said Green Lanterns writer Sam Humphries. "But a rogue Guardian also created something more powerful and more unpredictable." 

Meanwhile, in Flash, Barry Allen won't be the only speedster running around during Rebirth after a "Speed Force Storm" grants super speed to many citizens.  Perhaps related, DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio also gave a hint about the possible return of DC character Johnny Quick. The catalog includes the image of DiDio sitting on a motorcycle, with word balloon dialogue with the words "speed" and "race" highlighted. At the end of DiDio's speech is the hint "3X2(9YZ)4A" - the formula used by Johnny (and Jesse) Quick to gain super-speed. Quick could be one of these new speedsters - or the whole thing could just be a joke about DiDio riding his motorcycle fast.

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Credit: DC Comics
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