WONDER WOMAN Searches for the Truth Among 'THE LIES' During DC's REBIRTH

DC Rebirth art
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

DC’s Wonder Woman has been a superhero, an Amazon, even the Goddess of War. But has the Amazing Amazon’s entire life been a lie? 

With this summer’s Rebirth, writer Greg Rucka and artists Liam Sharp, Nicola Scott and Paulo Siqueria plan to turn the Princess of Themyscria’s origin on its ear, with an opening arc titled “The Lies.” The arc promises to examine the “contradictions” in Diana’s history, as she struggles to find the truth about who she is and where she comes from.

“Is she the goddess of war? Was she made from clay? Is she a demigoddess? Is Themyscria really what it’s been presented to be?” Rucka said in this week’s DC Comics Previews catalog that will be in comic book shops. “Look back at how many times Diana’s mother Hippolyta has died; where’s the truth in that? What’s accurate, what isn’t?”

This may prove to be the latest seismic shift in continuity for DC's warrior princess, following the New 52 revisions from Brian Azzarello's run, which made Diana the daughter of Zeus rather than an infant made of clay, as well as the controversial reveal that Amazons propagated their nation by seducing and then murdering sailors and sending any resultant male children into slavery.

Credit: DC Comics

With the Wonder Woman series shipping twice a month, the first issue of the month will focus on “The Lies” storyline and be illustrated by Sharp, while the second issue will feature a flashback storyline illustrated by Nicola Scott titled “Wonder Woman: Year One.”

“There’s a moment in Diana’s origin story that we forget, and ‘Year One’ is about reminding people the importance of that,” Rucka said. “The core moment, maybe one of the most important moments for her, is when she leaves home; the time she answered the call. We overlook that a lot.”

“Wonder Woman: Year One” will feature the return of Wonder Woman mainstays like Steve Trevor and Etta Candy, as well as some big twists on some of Diana’s most visceral foes. “You think you know Barbara Minerva, the Cheetah? You think you know what’s been going on with Ares?” Rucka teased. “You were wrong—you’re just flat-out wrong.”

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