REBIRTH Mystery 'To Change Everything' About JOKER, New GOTHAM Hero In BATMAN, NIGHTWING's New Status Quo

Justice League #50
Justice League #50
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

For Rebirth, Batman is being confronted with a new mystery about the Joker and the competition of a new hero in Gotham City, named - fittingly enough - Gotham.

The catalog teases about the Dark Knight in DC Universe: Rebirth: "Batman will become focused on a mystery that will change everything he knows about his greatest villain." This is, presumably, a reference to the Joker.

Newsarama readers will remember that during the Wonder Con Rebirth announcements, Rebirth writer and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns said the previous scene where Batman heard Joker's real name from the Mobius Chair (from Justice League #42) will be followed up on, as readers learn the character's real name. "It'll all become clear when we get to that story," Johns said.

The CCO doubled-down on that statement in this week's catalog, saying "Well, at the end of 'Darkseid War,' there's a secret about the Joker that Batman will uncover that artist Jason Fabok and I will reveal."

"Darkseid War" is scheduled to end in Justice League #50, which has been pushed back with a current release date of May 25, coinciding with DC Universe: Rebirth #1.

And for King's new twice-monthly Batman series (with artist David Finch), the catalog reveals that a "mysterious hero naming himself Gotham arrives" in Gotham City, claiming to be the city's "newest protector." The book will explore whether Batman embraces the new young hero or not.

Batman group editor Mark Doyle says of the new "Gotham" hero: "He's young and idealistic…like someone who joins the Peace Corps… but goes into the heart of some Third World war zone thinking he knows how to fix everything. One problem leads to another."

And more details have been revealed on the segue from Grayson to Nightwing, as the original Robin is ending his days as a spy and reclaiming his former codename and secret identity.

"With his time in Spyral over and his secret identity restored, Dick's back in his classic black-and-blue as Nightwing again!," reads the title's description. "Leader of the Titans. Bat-family badass. Solo superhero strike force. First up on the vigilante to-do list: take down the Parliament of Owls."

And in the futuristic Batman Beyond, the once-believed-dead Bruce Wayne (as seen in Future's End) could be returning just as Terry McGinnis takes back his mantle. (Despite previously announcing McGinnis would return, the new catalog leaves who will be under the mask an open question, and even placing the odds of Tim Drake returning as better than McGinnis returning).

"The AARP poster boy must be close to a century old by Batman Beyond's time. But if Gotham's in need of a pro­tector, Bruce Wayne will answer the call once more-just keep the defib machine and a double does of Centrum Silver on standby!" reads the DC description, however they also allude to Joker returning, asking "wouldn't it be the ultimate prank to pull if the Clown Prince of Crime not only survived, but adopted the guise of his most hated enemy?"

Stay tuned to Newsarama for more coverage of DC's Rebirth titles.

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