FIRST LOOK: Alex Ross' Green Hornet Designs

Earlier today, we brought you word that Kevin Smith would be writing the upcoming Green Hornet miniseries for Dynamite Entertainment. As has become something of a tradition with Dynamite’s licensed properties, artist Alex Ross is taking a pass at the character, and will be providing covers for the series, as well as the teaser image shown earlier.

Dynamite has supplied Newsarama with an exclusive first look at three of Ross’ sketch sheets for the Green Hornet, and an obviously different Kato (that will be discussed later). We spoke with Ross for a few minutes about the character and how he views him.

Newsarama: Alex, can you go into how you got on Dynamite's Green Hornet? At this point, with the work you do there, does Nick bring you into the loop prior to the deals to get your input, or does he secure the characters and then approach you?

Alex Ross: A little of both. Usually Nick asks me, “Are you interested in this character? Does it mean anything to you? Would you do a cover?”

NRAMA: That said, where is the Green Hornet on your personal list of characters? You've obviously got great affinity for pulp and Golden Age heroes - that applies to the Green Hornet?

AR: Absolutely. I grew up with seeing reruns of the old TV shows, and I know how pivotally important the character is to influencing Batman and other Modern Age heroes.

NRAMA: In drawing the character for the new comic, was there any tweaking that you felt needed to be done, either to clean up some artistic artifacts or make it work for modern audiences?

AR: I wanted it to seem as if it went through the filter of the Silver Age and the subtle darkening of comics properties. He should look like he fits into a slight bit of our modern aesthetic.

NRAMA: Well, in drawing the Green Hornet, what has to be there? What's iconic and must be represented, as you see it?

AR: Somewhere, he’s got to have a decal of that hornet logo. I just don’t think it belongs in the middle of his forehead or face. Most of all, you have to make him seem individualized from the Shadow or Batman.

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